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Safety with the revolutionary electrical insulation gloves from Swiss GZAG

The founders of GZAG discovered molecular peculiarities of certain synthetic polymers and developed an environmentally friendly production method to manufacture Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for electrical safety.

GZAG electrical insulation gloves  are a world novelty using globally patented Swiss technology , offer superior safety, and are perfect for professionals and people exposed to low and high voltage AC/DC electricity.

These gloves are designed to be comfortable, NR-free hypoallergenic and provide superior protection with unprecedented electrical and mechanical qualities, that far exceed international standards. (IEC, EN, ASTM, ABNT)

The first licensee in Brazil is manufacturing and selling the certified GZAG gloves under the brandname ELSA®.  They are already the preferred choice of professionals in the local power sector.

There is an increasing demand driven by the entire new electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem. From production to maintenance to the blue-light sector - wherever professionals and people are exposed to low and high voltage, GZAG gloves protect against electrical accidents.

To meet the growing global demand for such electrical safety products, GZAG is focusing on expanding manufacturing and qualified licensing partners.

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