Electrical Safety Products

The founders of GZAG started exploring synthetic polymers to be used for electrical insulation  products in 2013.

The use of synthetic poly-isoprene, as well as the development of a suitable dipping method, led to a world novelty of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for electrical safety. 


The R&D team combined exceptional raw materials, its molecular peculiarities and a environmentally friendly production method. 

The first result is an electrical insulation glove for high and low voltage made from poly-isoprene (IR). The unprecedented mechanical and electrical qualities far exceed international and national standards. (IEC, EN, ASTM, ABNT and others)


Features include as well soft wearing comfort and especially NR-allergen free, hypoallergic properties

This disruptive innovation enabled trend-setting new developments, even in related product areas.


The first manufacturing entity, a pilot-plant for electrical insulation gloves was set-up in 2015. 

By the end of 2016  the certified world novelty was manufactured and commercialised in Brazil.

To meet the growing global demand for such electrical safety products, scale-up of manufacturing and new product developments are the main focus of the GZAG team today.