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Electrical Safety Products

The founders of GZAG started exploring new polymers to be used for electrical insulation products back in 2013.

Molecular peculiarities of certain synthetic polymers and an environmentally friendly production method led to an IP-rights protected world novelty of electrical safety products.

The first products on the market are electrical insulation gloves for high and low voltage.

The unprecedented electrical and mechanical qualities far exceed international and national standards. (IEC, EN, ASTM, ABNT and others)


Features include as well soft wearing comfort and NR-allergen free, hypoallergic properties.


First, a pilot-plant for electrical insulation gloves was set-up by GZAG in Brazil. 

Since 2016 the certified products are manufactured and commercialised in Brazil.

To meet the growing global demand for such electrical safety products, scale-up of manufacturing and licensing the technology to qualified partners is the main focus of the GZAG team today.

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