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What we do

We focus electrical safety, specially personal protection equipment (PPE). 


GZAG's patented technology allows to manufacture unique electrical safety products, such as electrical insulation gloves and other PPE.

The inventive combination of molecular peculiarities of a specific synthetic polymer and an eco-friendly  production process aggregate to the product novelties.


The world-first manufacturing entity licensing  GZAG's technology to manufacture low and high voltage electrical insulation gloves, was established by GZAG in Brazil. 

The gloves manufactured with GZAG's technology follow IEC standards. They are free of natural rubber (NR) protein and therefore hypoallergenic for type I, IV and contact dermatitis.


Other features include:

  • Higher electrical insulation properties than natural rubber or natural latex gloves.

  • Superior mechanical properties, - durability, resistance.

  • Superior tactile qualities, sensitiveness.

  • Hypo-allergic: made from IR, hypo-allergic for type I, IV and contact dermatitis.

  • Low risk, environmental friendly process: No toxic solvents, nor any other carcinogen products used-no other staff related safety risks in the process.


ELSA Tecnologia de Proteção Elétrica Ltda. Brazil

ELSA Tec. Ltd is the assignee of GZAG’s  technology in Brazil. The company is producing under the brand ELSA® low and high voltage electrical insulation gloves for the local market.

Our New Developments:
Switzerland & Europe
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